Website Marketing

So, you have a website that looks good and converts well and you know that there are customers out there looking for you. What next...

Here at Pixel Distribution we will take time to understand your target audience groups, we will figure out who they are, what they are searching for and how best to proportion your budget to target them.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation has moved on since 1999. It no longer involves stuffing a few keywords onto pages and submitting your site to 100s of search engines. It involves improving the authority that the search engines view your site with, spotting ongoing trends in the search engine algorithms, making sure that all your pages are being seen by the search engines and ensuring that the are no technical issues originating from your web server. All of which we have vast experience with.

We offer two types of search engine optimisation packages:

One off hit - £140 - £560

Suited for less competitive markets where an ongoing package wouldn't produce a return on investment. Although this is called 'One off hit' because you only receive one bill, our work is actually undertaken in three stages - three times the value you could say!

  1. We perform keyword research based on your target audience, and then analyse your website's performance for these terms in the search engines. This groundwork shows us where and why your website is under performing. Optimisation work is then carried out on your website to improve it's visibility for the target search terms.
  2. Once the changes have been fully crawled (seen) by the search engines we will then analyse the ranking changes and provide you with a progress report. However, unlike others offering this service, we will also carry out a second wave of optimisation, this will enable us to pay more attention to the more competitive search terms where necessary.
  3. When the results form the second wave of changes have calmed down we provide you with a report showing how the two waves of optimisation have improved your visibility. As an added bonus we will also give you a list of recommendations that you can undertake yourself to help maintain the rankings.

Fully Managed - £215p/m - £415p/m

If you operate in a congested market and need to stay one step ahead of your competitors then this is the option for you. We essentially perform the same steps that we do for the One Off Hit, but continually review our the situation to achieve and maintain top results in more for the more competitive keywords. We will work with your website to not only target the organic results but other search verticals relevant to your business such as local search, shopping results, image search, video search and news, maximising your investment

PPC - Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click advertising produces instant traffic. It is an excellent way to promote products and services that may come and go quickly, special offers for instance. It can also be used to supplement a successful campaign, a percentage of searches will have made a conscious decision before they even hit the search button as to whether they are going to click a paid for or organic listing, meaning even the most successful search engine optimisation campaigns can miss out on potential customers. What's more is the fact that pay-per-click advertising is totally accountable, meaning that you can always maintain an acceptable profit level.

Email Marketing

The most popular form of online marketing not dependant on search engines is email marketing. There are generally two methods here;

  1. e-zines, these are great for promoting your company as knowledge provider and keeping your company's name in the front of your customers' minds.
  2. e-shots are often more promotional, are great for driving traffic to your website and keep your customers up to date with your latest offerings.

Both are services that we offer, ideally both can be used and circulated to a set schedule, however they can also be used as a reactive promotional tool. Opening and click-through rates are available ensuring that every campaigns success is measurable.

One aspect often over looked in website marketing is advertising on other website; done correctly by us this will provide a plentiful supply of relevant traffic.

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