Bing Ads – A Viable Alternative to Adwords?

Most people heave heard of the name AdWords and know that it’s a pay-per-click product from Google, but not so many people would know what the alternative from Bing or Yahoo alternative is called.

Well let me introduce to you Bing Ads. A pay-per-click platform that runs on the the ‘Yahoo! Bing Network’.

The main reason it’s not so well known (apart from Google having a much larger market share of search) is that over the years it’s either been operated by third parties or know as different names including Overture, Yahoo and adCenter. Not only that, the search engine itself has been re-branded a few times, being known as MSN and Live before Microsoft settled on Bing. It’s been know as Bing Ads since late 2012.

Search volume is clearly going to be much lower than on the Google network, so is it worth the bother setting up? Well we ran a campaign in parallel across both networks to see how they stacked up. Here are the results:

AdWords Bing
Impressions 20,000 3,000 -85%
Clicks 120 25 -79%
Click through rate 0.6 0.83 +0.23
Average Ad Postion 5 3.3 -1.7
Average CPC £0.40 £0.25 -62.5%
Conversions 2 2 -
CPA £24 £3.13 -87%

Now we appreciate this is only a very small sample of data, and I very much doubt that over a longer period the CPA (cost per acquisition) will stay at almost 8 times lower on Bing, but it clearly demonstrates that if you’re not on Bing you’re always going to be missing a slice of the pie. So yes, we think it’s very much worth having a presence on Bing Ads.

If over a larger sample of data the figures stayed the same I would also be looking into why and making some serious changes to the AdWords campaign to bring it more in-line.

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