AdWords – Three Months FREE Management

It is quite simple, we are offing three months free management for new or existing AdWords accounts to anyone that requests it throughout the months of June and July*.

Adwords Management

3 Months Free Adwords Management

So What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one. We are that confident that in the three months we can either improve your return on investment for your existing AdWords spend, or set you up with a new account that surpass your expectations, that you’ll be begging us to work for you at the end of the free period.

So What Will It Cost Me After Three Months?

Our management fee is 15% of your AdWords spend per month (minimum charge of £100).

What If I Don’t Want to Continue

Simply unlink your AdWords account from our MCC  (My Client Centre) account and you’re free to manage it yourself.

Why Would I Pay Someone To Manage My AdWords Account When I Can Do it Myself?

With our extensive knowledge of the platform and it’s features we are confident that we can save you more than we charge you.

Sound Good, So How Do I Sign Up?

Just give us a call. Once we’ve had a chat to understand your business and goals we can either link your existing account to ours or set you up with a new one.

CALL NOW: 01572 723 350 or Email Us

*Offer available to local businesses in the Stamford/Rutland/Oakham area. We might even stretch to Leicester and Perterborough if we like the look of you. Also subject to you agreeing to a minimum daily advertising spend based upon our recommendation (this is paid directly to Google).

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