Special delivery: Local business up online in double quick time

After a frantic call from a small local business Pixel Distribution, a Ridlington-based web design and marketing agency, designed and launched a new mini website in just three days while simultaneously resolving issues with its domain name.

Taylor and Taylor mini website

Taylor and Taylor’s mini website

Leigh Taylor, MD of window cleaning company Taylor & Taylor, had previously built himself a website using a DIY website tool. However, it crashed unexpectedly leaving his business plan in ruins. Leigh contacted Mark Chisholm, proprietor of Pixel Distribution and explained he was due to begin a leaflet campaign in the coming days, so he needed a small website “live yesterday”.

Taylor & Taylor is a successfully local company, with almost 700 private and commercial clients in and around the Stamford area. Having recently moved to Uppingham Leigh saw the move as an ideal opportunity to grow his Rutland client base, and expanded his fleet of fully fitted-out vans to three. A fully functioning website was essential.

Pixel Distribution worked closely with Leigh to produce a website in double quick time. The domain was under control and a mobile friendly mini-site live on www.taylor-and-taylor.co.uk in just three working days.

Leigh explains how his new website is integral to his plans: “There was no way I could commence any new marketing activities while our website was down. What Pixel Distribution did in such a small time frame completely exceeded my expectations; it even works on my tablet. This is a perfect example of how local businesses can support each other in times of need”.

If your business is in need of assistance with its online activities contact Mark Chisholm on 01572 723 350 or via mark@pixeldistribution.co.uk.

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