The New Magento is Here! But it’s Not v2.0 :(

For those who don’t know, Magento is the industry leading platform for eCommerce websites. It’s used to power stores for small companies right up to large multi-nationals.

While this latest release might not be version 2.0 that we’re all (still) waiting for, Magento 1.9.0 has a few interesting features:

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

The first of which is a responsive theme. This means that it will scale nicely to fit phone and tablet screens. This will not only make a site more usable (thus increasing sales), but it also helps with search engine rankings (especially when searching on a mobile or tablet). With more and more users shopping using mobile this is excellent news for merchants.

There have been third-party responsive themes about for Magento for a while, and we here at Pixel Distribution spent a lot of time producing our own using the Bootstrap framework (see: So it will be interesting to see how the developers at Magento have handled it.

Pay Later

Another feature is the ‘Bill Me Later’ option in the checkout. While this doesn’t sound like a brilliant news for merchants’ cashflow, it’s been shown to boost sales by around 18% (Forrester Consulting estimates). Of course this will vary from industry to industry and may be more suited when selling services or virtual products with a low cost, but it’s a nice addition.

Pay The Same Everywhere

‘Cross Border Price Consistency’ is one of those nice features that just makes sense. When international sellers are offering products across borders the price will fluctuate due to local taxes. This feature lets the merchant absorb these fluctuations in tax meaning shoppers will be paying the same price regardless of how greedy their politicians are ;)

eCommerce Web Design Right Here in Rutland

Whether you’re in Oakham or Uppingham, Peterborough or Leicester and looking to sell online, you will want to keep up with companies operating from larger cities. Speak with us at Pixel Distribution about launching your cutting edge Magento eCommerce site… right here in Rutland.

If you’re from anywhere else then get lost, joke… we’ll still chat to you.

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