Magento “Your search returns no results”

I had a bit of an odd occurrence today. Any search on a Magento site I run was producing no results, just a “Your search returns no results” notice.

No search results in Magento

So I did the usual checks:

  • Made sure products were active and in-stock
  • Made sure all products were searchable
  • Flushed the cache
  • Rebuilt the search index

but no luck, still no results. I can’t say I recall encountering this problem before either.

So the next thing I decided to try was to update a¬†product (I just made an irrelevant change to the product data of a random product). Well that seemed to make that one product searchable again. So I thought I’d scale that out and update all products, by:

  • View your products (Catalog > Manage Products), I only had 90 odd products so could fit them all on one view.
  • Select all products by clicking ‘Select All’
  • Then update their attributes on mass by ‘Actions > Update Attribute > Submit’
  • Then make a change to them simple by going to the ‘website’ tab and licking the ‘main website’ box (Websites > Main Website > Save)

That was it for me, a fully restored search index.

I’m not sure how you would fare if you have 1000′s of products to update, you could maybe try a mass export and import.

I’m also not sure what causes this glitch in the first place. As long as it doesn’t keep re-occurring then it’s not really worth the investment of time to look into it further.

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