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Snapchat Rio Live (riolive2014)

Earlier today Snapchat started adding Rio Live (riolive2014) to some (or all) of its users Spanchat “My Friends” recent updates causing quite a bit of confusion. The only control supplied to users is the ability to toggle a message reading “Rio Live is a collection of Snaps from users in the city of Rio de […]

Robots.txt BIG Mistake – Blocking css and js

When running larger sites, especially ones build on platforms such as Magento and WordPress it’s good practice for the webmaster to give search engines a little help with the crawling and indexing your site. As well as some other advanced tactics, using robots.txt and sitemap.xml files are common ways to do this.

Bing Ads – A Viable Alternative to Adwords?

Most people heave heard of the name AdWords and know that it’s a pay-per-click product from Google, but not so many people would know what the alternative from Bing or Yahoo alternative is called. Well let me introduce to you Bing Ads. A pay-per-click platform that runs on the the ‘Yahoo! Bing Network’.