Snapchat Rio Live (riolive2014)

Earlier today Snapchat started adding Rio Live (riolive2014) to some (or all) of its users Spanchat “My Friends” recent updates causing quite a bit of confusion.

The only control supplied to users is the ability to toggle a message reading “Rio Live is a collection of Snaps from users in the city of Rio de Janeriro. It appears in your My Friends list until the end of the even. Happy Snapping!”. (more…)

Robots.txt BIG Mistake – Blocking css and js

When running larger sites, especially ones build on platforms such as Magento and WordPress it’s good practice for the webmaster to give search engines a little help with the crawling and indexing your site. As well as some other advanced tactics, using robots.txt and sitemap.xml files are common ways to do this. (more…)

The New Magento is Here! But it’s Not v2.0 :(

For those who don’t know, Magento is the industry leading platform for eCommerce websites. It’s used to power stores for small companies right up to large multi-nationals.

While this latest release might not be version 2.0 that we’re all (still) waiting for, Magento 1.9.0 has a few interesting features:

(more…) – Diary of the Application Process

I’m sat here a week after I initially instigated the application process for my gateway and merchant account, and I’m slightly frustrated I’m not yet able to take payments.  With the lack of transparency of the length and rigour of  the application processes on the signup page (or site in general) I thought I would outline the steps I’ve been through to anyone who is interested.


Integration of Magento with (DPM)

I’ve currently in the process of integrating Magento (1.8.1 ce) with the gateway using the direct post method (DPM). Despite Magento being configured to work with straight out of the box there have been a few issues and abnormalities. So I thought I would just run through a few in case anyone else out there is suffering with any of the same issues. Or maybe it will give the uninitiated an overview of what they can expect. Although I’m using Magento, there maybe information here that is useful to other platforms such as WordPress. (more…)